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Tableless template overrides

From 2009 on all YOOtheme templates come with overrides for Joomla's core output. This means that not only the template's layout is tableless but also the whole content area that Joomla usually renders as tables.

The YOOmenu system

The YOOmenu is a flexible all-in-one menu system right out of the box. It bundles some sophisticated features which are all covered in this advanced video tutorial. Here are some of them:
YOOmenu System
  • Advanced menu with split functionality and lots of fancy effects like sliding boxes and fading colors...
    Learn more about setting up the menu by reading this tutorial.
  • Expanding and collapsing accordion menus. Watch the video tutorial.
  • Different page backgrounds for each menu item possible. Watch the video tutorial.
  • Menu items can have explanatory subtitles. Read the tutorial.
  • Background images for menu items. Read the tutorial.

Installation package & sliced image source files

You can download a full installation package of this template. It includes the current Joomla version and the complete demo content of the website you are looking at right now. You can install it to take a look at how everything is set up in the Joomla backend.

Make sure you click "Install Sample Data" during the installation process.

Also you can download the editable fully sliced image source files. With them you can completely customise your template's look to match your or your client's corporate identity.

Adobe Fireworks CS3 or higher is required to edit the image source files.

Basic Help

Learn more about how to install and set up a YOOtheme template and watch this video tutorial.